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Berchida - Cape Comino


Many tourists who choose a seaside destination for their holidays can't bring themselves to leave their beloved mountain bike at home. They strap it onto their car boot and bring it with them, determined not to miss out on a single occasion to enjoy their favourite sport.

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After relishing the relaxing embrace of its crystal clear waters and unwinding on its sandy beaches, an enchanting place like Berchida also offers enthusiasts thrilling experiences on their favourite two wheels.

A route of variable difficulty, approximately 8 kilometres in length, leads from Berchida to Cape Camino. Numerous dirt tracks make it possible for everyone to tailor their itinerary according to their experience and level.

Starting from the beach, the path unfolds along fields where local cows, sheep and goats graze peacefully, before winding through the sand dunes along the coast and delving into the splendid pine wood which accompanies us along the entire route, with its relaxing colours and energising fragrances. Lastly, cycle along the coastline for the perfect chance to enjoy views of the turquoise Sea of Sardinia. One last destination, for anyone looking to savour fine fish and local specialities before heading back, is the restaurant Il Moletto, where quality, genuineness and courtesy are guaranteed.

You travel in freedom, without any glitches and often alone, immersed in uncontaminated natural surroundings with breathtaking and surprising views round every corner. Whether you are looking for a peaceful ride or more demanding physical activity, this is an unforgettable outdoor experience for bike lovers, in a beautiful and wild setting, to be enjoyed while taking deep breaths, filling your lungs with the marine breeze.

For anyone who didn't bring their bike and would still like to experience the thrill of a carefree mountain bike adventure, a bike hire service is available on-site.

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From the Berchida beach


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