Berchida montagna

To the mountains of Berchida

Montagne di Berchida

Paths of Berchida


Berchida beach is undoubtedly the ideal destination for those who love the seaside, with its crystal clear waters, nestled in uncontaminated natural surroundings. This location also has pleasant surprises in store for visitors who crave an invigorating hike in the mountains.

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A few hundred metres away from the coastline, follow one of the comfortable paths which wind through juniper and wild flower thickets, leading up to the green uplands framing the strip of bright white sand. Visitors in search of an authentic, natural experience are truly spoilt for choice here: numerous routes unravel along bizarre and astonishing rock formations, sculpted over thousands of years by the wind.

The eyes behold a rich and diversified flora characterised by vibrant colours; the air is filled with inebriating, delicate and wild fragrances. Perfectly set in the mountainous landscape architecture, you'll encounter traces of human settlements in the local area which still tell the story of long lost populations.

berchida montagna
montagna di berchida

In fact, one of the paths ventures through the high planes for about a kilometre and a half and leads to the remains of an abandoned Nuragic village. Nor is it so uncommon to spot rare wild bird species which abound in this area.

An infinity of itineraries are possible, according to desired difficulty and time, for anyone looking to discover uncontaminated places ignored by rushed tourists, offering unbeatable views of Berchida beach from up above as the ultimate reward, perhaps at sunset, when the sea reflects the fiery colours of the sun as it lowers itself below the horizon.

Whatever you opt for, be it a light stroll or a more challenging climbing experience, no doubt your body will reap the benefits. You'll fill your lungs with the pure air of the pine wood, rich in iodine, cleanse your lungs from the city smog and make sure you'll return home fully energised. It is advised you dress suitably: long trousers to protect yourself from wild vegetation and hiking boots to cushion your feet as you walk over stones and rocky terrain.

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