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The Sardinian coastline is a treasure trove and Berchida beach is one of its most precious diamonds. A crystal clear sea, fine white sand, lush and green inland areas make it an unmissable destination for lovers of nature and healthy relaxation.

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For anyone eager to try out new experiences, this location offers many alternatives to bathing.

Canoeing is one example, requiring an altogether different yet equally fascinating kind of interaction with water. Navigate alongside the beach northbound; on your left you'll pass by a pond that is home to a multitude of wild bird species (you'll even spot groups of flamencos if you're really lucky), all the way up to the mouth of Rio Berchida. This marks the start of your river adventure.

The river will lead you through the Mediterranean scrub and cane thickets for over 4 kilometres, unveiling a fascinating natural environment. Absolute silence, broken only by the sound of your oars as they pierce the surface of still waters, along with the melodious song of birds, will accompany you along this immersive experience in wild nature. Breathe in the pure air of these places, savour the fragrances of the pine wood and wild flowers.

Along your journey you'll also have the chance to admire artefacts of ancient human settlements, including Nuragic remains. Rio Berchida can be navigated along its entire length, the perfect route for a truly fascinating excursion. A peaceful outing in full tranquillity, even better as a group experience; yet another opportunity to admire the enchanting beauty of the area around Berchida beach.

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Canoes and suitable equipment are available from local hire facilities. Don't miss out on yet another new and exhilarating experience, the memory of which will soothe the stress once you return to everyday life.

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