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PRESS RELEASE 14.06.2019

Berchida, a diamond set in the fairytale coast of Sardinia. The beach of Berchida is an amphitheatre of fine white sand which extends over five kilometres. It has been voted Italy's most beautiful coastline on several occasions and proudly flies the Green Flag, awarded by pediatricians to child-friendly beaches.


The entire land is immersed in a wild natural environment that is rich in biodiversity, earning it Site of Community Importance (SCI) status and inclusion in the "Natura 200" ecological network. In particular, the area is home to a number of Habitats of Community Interest, such as the Coastal Lagoons, indispensable for migrating bird species, and the Coastal Dunes, fundamental for the conservation and stabilisation of dune systems.

SCI rules provide a series of regulations to protect these uncontaminated environments: picking or damaging spontaneous flora species, introducing plant and animal species of extraneous origin, the dumping any kind of polluting substances is strictly forbidden; there are also specific instructions for the transit of vehicles, camper and the lighting of open fires.

Berchida dall'alto

All this makes Berchida a natural oasis of considerable interest and which, in virtue of its uncontaminated areas, hosts remarkable numbers of animal species: numerous migratory and non-migratory birds, including the Audouin's gull, peregrine falcon, shrikes, terns, the pink flamenco, the partridge, etc.; reptiles, including Herman's tortoise, the marginated tortoise and the pond tortoise; butterfly species at risk of extinction and numerous fish species.

Vegetation is equally rich and typical of humid sandy areas, with vast wooded areas populated by forests, cane thickets, wild flower meadows, patches of juniper, myrtle tree heath, oleaster, lentisco, strawberry tree, saffron and broom.

Over the last few years, the management of Berchida beach has become oriented towards a conscious and discerning tourism which thrives on the unbeatable characteristics of this area: vast stretches of fine white sandy beaches, crystal clear and uncontaminated seas with a gently sloping sandy bed, without undermining the natural allure of the surrounding environment.

By no means has this compromised the development of services which make visitors' stays smoother and simpler.

Two small beach establishments provide a beach equipment hire service; kiosks serve food and are fitted with showers and chemical toilets; there are shuttle services to and from numerous sites of interest in the area.

Berchida is truly a cutting-edge destination in Sardinia because special efforts have been made to promote a multitude of activities other than simple bathing.

This is why it is possible to:

- go on fascinating hikes or less demanding excursions in the uplands, immersed in lush Mediterranean scrub and rock formations bizarrely sculpted by the forces of the wind, in search of ancient artefacts of primordial Nuragic civilisations;

- enjoy an easy 8 kilometre dirt track ride on your mountain bike leading from Berchida to Cape Comino, with a choice of various levels of difficulty;

- experience the sheer pleasure of canoeing on the alluring Rio Berchida, from the river's mouth right up to its springs.

Suitable bikes and canoes for such fascinating activities can be hired locally.

A holiday on Berchida beach is an unmissable experience for tourists who love nature and tranquility; it is also an original way to experience Sardinia and everything alternative it has to offer.


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