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Berchida beach is the ideal destination for a holiday with all the family in an oasis of peace, immersed in an uncontaminated environment. The finest sands, crystal clear waters and clean air laden with the fragrance of the nearby pine wood all make for a peaceful and regenerating seaside experience, helping you to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Berchida is also a reference point for outdoor sports enthusiasts. A multitude of activities await those looking for new experiences immersed in the unique nature of the local area. It really would be a sin not to make the most of the wonders offered by the transparent waters of Berchida's sea. This is why a new service called "Berchida Underwater" has been created, providing tourists with equipment and the assistance of an expert instructor, for an amazing diving experience with scuba gear. A truly unmissable occasion to admire the enchanting and rich variety of underwater plant and animal species.

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But the waters of Berchida have even more to offer: a short distance from the shore, divers can discover numerous shipwrecks which have come to rest at the bottom of the sea over the centuries. In Ancient Roman times, merchant and warship routes passed through the area and often the variable winds would whip up storms which would cause frequent shipwrecks.

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Not even the fifty quinquiremes of the Consul Tiberius Claudius Nero escaped this fate: the remains have been lying at the bottom of these waters since 202 BC. In Ancient Roman times, numerous other ships suffered the same tragic fate along this stretch of coastline, insofar as it was a mooring point on the route to the African continent. This is why the crystal clear waters of Berchida guarantee scuba divers more than just glimpses of the marvellous underwater wildlife which populates the Sea of Sardinia. Here they will step back in time and experience the millennial history of this incredible island, among vessels, anchors, canons and amphorae which have been resting at the bottom of the sea for centuries, tenderly embraced by the marine flora.


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